Make Healthcare a Strategic Investment

A fully insured, traditional health plan is not right for every employer. Unpredictable renewal rates, a general lack of customer control, and unreliable customer support could leave you wondering if there is a solution that makes more sense for your population’s needs. Self-funded plans from J.P. Farley empower employers to deliver better benefits while strategizing spend. This brings long-term savings and efficiency that supports the overall health of your business.


True Plan Control

Customized Solutions

Our Employer Portal provides the tools you need to continually improve your plan. Employer self-service, member participation, census information, and claim insights are all available.

First-Time Users: Please call 800.634.0173 and follow the prompts to speak with a service team member to obtain a registration code and portal access.

Cost Information & Machine-Readable Files

Members may call J.P. Farley’s Patient Advocates to obtain both cost and quality information. This service will provide a more extensive offering of information than what is required under the new federal guidelines. Networks include:


First Health Network

MultiPlan Network

Evolutions Healthcare Systems




University Hospitals Cleveland

Call 800-634-0173, and select Option 3 for further Cost & Quality Guidance

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Additional Resources

Our commitment to providing employers with clarity, connection, and compassion extends to our comprehensive suite of employer resources, which include:

10 Must-Ask Renewal Questions

A list of 10 questions that all Plan Sponsors should be asking potential carriers or administrators prior to signing off on plan renewal.

8 Essential Employer Commitments

A closer look at each of the eight steps today’s Employers take to ensure the long-term success of their health plans.

Health Statement Questionnaire

This document contains a series of questions for your Plan Members to answer about their overall health. The information provided is strictly confidential and helps J.P. Farley evaluate your plan options.

Getting a Quote?

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