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Better Care for Less

Our cost comparison tools will help you find the best providers and prescriptions at the best prices. If you’re new to your J.P. Farley plan, don’t hesitate to familiarize yourself with our entire suite of member tools so that you’ll be even more prepared for care.

When to File a Claim

Benefits are based on the plan’s provisions at the time the charges are incurred. Claims should be filed by the terms of the plan with all necessary information. Refer to the terms of the plan document for exact plan filing requirements.


Where to Go for Care



Non-urgent health concerns

After-hours care

Examples: rash, fever, flu-like symptoms


Physician Office

Scheduled Care

Traditional office hours

Examples: Routine, follow-up, and preventive care appointments


Retail Clinic

Unscheduled care that can’t wait for a traditional appointment

Extended and/or retail hours

Examples: earache, fever, flu, sore throat


Emergency Room

Unscheduled care requiring immediate attention

Conditions that may be life-threatening if left untreated

Examples: Heart attack, bone break, poisoning

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