Why Self Fund

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Custom Plan Design

Plan design is our area of expertise. Choose the components you need to create a comprehensive, competitive package that gives members the services they want and employers the savings they require. Though each plan is unique, the results we deliver remain consistent. We offer custom plans for:

Medical, Dental, & Vision

Reference-Based Pricing (RBP)

Population Health Management

& Much More

Point Solution Integration

Single-Platform administration is simpler than ever with our fully integrated, cloud-based platform. We deliver exceptional results across a variety of functions, including:

Real-Time Open Enrollment

Single Source Billing Capabilities

Data Reporting & Proactive, Predictive Analytics

24/7 Data Access

Cost Containment

Self-funding allows you to contain costs at nearly every point of the healthcare journey. Our strategies deliver maximum care at minimum cost by controlling expenses related to:

Utilization Management

Case Management

Pharmacy Benefits Management

& Much More

Provider Networks & Strategic Partnerships

Multi-level network options ensure members have access to high-quality care at high-value price points. J.P. Farley has dedicated years of selective relationship building with organizations that share the same value strategy to keep high quality care at high value price points.

Local, Narrow, Out-of-Area, Physician-Only, and Specialty Networks

Centers of Excellence

Multi-Plan, Direct Contracts, and Transparent Risk Strategies

National Network Solution

Multi Level Pharmacy Solutions



Member Tools and Advocacy

One critical component of a J.P. Farley plan designed for savings is empowering members to spend smarter by equipping them with powerful tools and resources for real-time results. Our team of Patient Advocates humanizes the healthcare experience for members by compassionately connecting them to care in their time of need. Our resources include, but are not limited to:


Online Pricing and Quality Tools

Easy-to-Use Member Portal

Member Compliance Coaching

Patient Advocacy Outreach Programs

J.P. Farley Mobile Member Self-Service

Direct Contract

Providers who want to enter into a formal direct contracting agreement may submit this form to J.P. Farley’s contracting department


An experienced TPA takes the hassle out of compliance issues. We handle it all so you can focus on what matters most to you. Our compliance services include:


Full Compliance Review


Notice Compliance

Department of Labor Audit (DOL)

Plan Document Review

Standard of Compliance Audit (SOC)