ID Card

Your ID Card is designed to provide you and your healthcare provider with the information needed to access your Benefit Plan. With it, you can:

Learn what provider network(s) or pharmacy network(s) you can access for in-network benefits
How to obtain pre-certification for a service or procedure (if applicable to your plan)
Provide instructions to your physician when they need to submit a claim or determine what your plan covers

Care Management Services

You’ll never have to guess about your coverage with J.P. Farley. We focus on clinical support, with compassionate, patient-centered care. Our nurse Care Managers help patients move forward after being diagnosed with a serious illness or experiencing ongoing or significant health issues, such as a heart attack, diabetes, or cancer. We provide care that is:

Adherent to nationally recognized medical standards
Optimized for your plan
Complementary to your provider’s ongoing care

Patient Advocacy Team

Our Patient Advocacy Team is here to lend support during what can be an overwhelming claims and billing process. We assist participants with:

Understanding their plans, responsibilities, and rights to make sure they never pay more than what is appropriate for care
Answering questions about benefits, care, billing, or any other concerns
Getting help when you and your family need it most

We’re Always Here to Help. Have Questions?